Baking a Difference

Give: a for purpose gourmet cookie company. Aside from delicious desserts, at the core of Give is the belief that everyone should try to do his or her part to make the world a better place. We do this by utilizing fair trade ingredients, packaging and donating a percentage back to charity. 

About Us

We’re humanitarians at heart, but bakers in spirit. That’s why Give is a for purpose gourmet cookie company that gives back every step of the way. This allows us to transform lives both inside and outside of the kitchen. To make a difference, one cookie at a time.

We believe that everyone can make a difference by making socially conscious decisions on a daily basis. For our business, that means sourcing our ingredients and packaging from socially conscious companies. The majority of our ingredients are fair trade certified, and the ones that are not, are sourced from local, family owned businesses. This means we can sleep at night knowing that the people who helped us make our delicious cookies earned fair wages. It allows us to help employ artisans in India because we sourced our boxes from a fair trade certified operation. On top of that, we donate back to a select charity of your choice. 

We want to live by the ethos of what we try to teach, the power of giving. Giving fair wages, giving opportunities, giving choices, all while giving cookies. 

We Care

In today’s day and age we are bombarded with the crazy number of options available to us, and we have the ability to make choices that reflect the things that matter to us. Isn’t it about time that fair trade be on that list of options?

The majority of our ingredients are fair trade certified and Non-GMO certified as well. Not only do we care about exactly what goes into the food we eat, but we care about where and how these ingredients were sourced. We can't sleep at night knowing that the people growing our food weren't paid fair wages or working in good conditions.  

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We support Fair Trade

Fair Trade guarantees livable wages for workers and their families, improving their opportunities for better healthcare, housing and education. By choosing our Fair Trade cookies, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of Give’s growing communities.

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We support Organic Farming

Organic farming means chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides stay out of our body, and even better, they stay out of our water supply and soil.

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A little homemade goodness can go further than you can imagine.