Baking a Difference

Give: a for purpose gourmet cookie company. Aside from delicious desserts, at the core of Give is the belief that everyone should try to do his or her part to make the world a better place. We do this by utilizing fair trade ingredients, packaging and donating a percentage back to charity. 

Our Model

We believe that we can make a difference by making socially conscious decisions on a daily basis. For our business, that means sourcing our ingredients and packaging from socially conscious companies. The majority of our ingredients are fair trade certified, and the ones that are not, are sourced from local, family owned businesses. This means we can sleep at night knowing that the people who helped us make our delicious cookies earned fair wages. It means that we are able to help employ artisans in India because we sourced our boxes from a fair trade certified operation. 

We also wanted to pass on the opportunity to make a socially conscious decision by giving you the option to choose a select charity to have a percentage of our profits donated back to. Because we can afford to give back. And so can you. 


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